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Lembata Regency is known as a cultural attraction of whale hunting which is well known internationally. Moreover, the government wants to introduce Lembata's potential product by establish Tourism Village so that tourist visits can increase and can improve the welfare of the community through tourism. Because of the target, the government collaborates with tourism assistants in managing 26 Tourism Villages in Lembata Regency. This study aims to describe the role of tourism assistants in accompany development of 26 Tourism Villages in Lembata Regency. This research uses a descriptive qualitative approach. Data obtained from observations, interviews with key informants, and documentation during the activities. The results showed that the role of tourism companion consists of various contributions summarized in four roles, namely as a facilitator, as an educator and motivator, as a liaison as well as a coordinator and mediator, and as an implementer of monitoring and evaluation of each mentoring program being implemented. Some of the obstacles found in the mentoring process were distance, time, and strict health protocols that were sometimes neglected due to the pandemic covid 19.

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