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Indonesian Journal of Social Work (P-ISSN 2598-7526; E-ISSN 2598-7534) is a scientific journal in the field of social work practice, published by Politeknik Kesejahteraan Sosial Bandung (Poltekesos Bandung), Indonesia Sekolah Tinggi Kesejahteraan Sosial Bandung (STKS Bandung) in cooperation with the Indonesian Professional Social Workers Association (IPSPI). Indonesian Journal of Social Work published as a means for researchers, practitioners of social work, and a lecturer in the published results of the practice of social work and social work practice model that can support the development of the science of social work in handling social problems. The purpose of publication of this journal is to disseminate conceptual thoughts and ideas or research results that have been achieved in the field of social work practice.

Specifically, various studies of social work practice model on the model of social services, social protection, social rehabilitation, social empowerment, social development, and the intervention of social work practice can be published through this IJSW journal. 

Indonesian Journal of Social Work published twice a year in February and August. Please submit your manuscript. 

Please read the guidelines carefully. Each manuscript is sent to the editorial office of Indonesian Journal of Social Work should follow the guidelines of writing. If the script is not in accordance with the guidelines authors or texts written in a different format, the article will be denied to the author prior to further review by peer reviewers. Editors IJSW only accept manuscripts that meet Indonesian Journal of Social Work format.

Vol. 6 No. 01 (2022): IJSW

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